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Dopo qualche mese di montaggio (bello fare i video, ma quanto lavoro!), ho finalmente messo online il multimedia di SUR, il mio progetto su una comunità Mapuche che reclama i propri diritti ancestrali, che contiene interviste, immagini e suoni dalla Patagonia.

Il link al video è questo

(se riesco faccio poi una versione con sottotitoli in italiano)

Con la comunità Mapuche di Leleque ho vissuto molti momenti emozionanti e ascoltato parole di una rara lucidità sul senso del rapporto con la natura e, se posso permettermi, dell’esistenza.

La mia speranza è di essere riuscito a trasmettere e condensare tutto questo in modo che possa emozionarti anche tu, e le persone che lo vedranno.

Grazie ancora per avermi sostenuto economicamente e con gli incoraggiamenti, e grazie anche se vorrai condividere il video :)


After some months in post-production, the multimedia on SUR is finally online!

I have the opportunity to live wonderful moments with the community, and to listen to meaningful words on the relationship with nature and, if I may, with life.

I hope this shows in the multimedia, so others can be called to reflection by this story.

Thanks again for the encouragements and the funding, and thanks also for sharing the video if you like it :)

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After some weeks of learning, editing, adjusting, seeking feedback and tweaking, I just uploaded a working preview of “Hulk’s Toys” multimedia, before the final release programmed by spring 2013.

I hope you’ll like it, and stay tuned for the final version…


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After finishing the last interview for my multimedia project on “Hulk’s Toys”, I’ve been trying to learn everything I can on the basics of video post production (of which I knew nothing).

I learned a lot through this site that takes you step by step in learning final cut pro x: reeeally useful.

Now I’ve finished a 3 min. preview of the project, I’m doing some final tuning, it will be online in a few days hopefully.

Stay tuned…

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Thanks to the folks at e-photoreview and Giulia Filippini for the opportunity of this video-interview on my project “Hulk’s Toys” (in italian)

You can find it here:

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The team from Viewbook Photostory asked me to record an audio contribute explaining “Hulk’s Toys”.
They just published a short audio/pictures video piece: thank you Quinten Swagerman and Viewbook team…

You can watch it here:

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Next week I’ll be shooting the first video-interview for Hulk’s Toys project: rambling through audio, video, somehow confused about post-production, but it’s always nice to start new things.
I hope everything will work out well! Stay tuned…

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